Timeless Menswear Tips You Can Steal from Two Iconic Figures of London

London is one of the most important and notable fashion capitals. Men in London take great care of their appearance. Just to mention an example, David Beckham and his cool fashionista family are the main style-setters concerning men’s fashion in the British capital right now, we can state Victoria and David as two style legends of the United Kingdom. David became the face of H&M’s underwear collection in 2015. Since then they have collaborated and created other menswear items, too.

There are a couple of facts you need to know about the company, H&M. The fashion firm is famous for its elegantly designed clothes and the beautiful women’s fashion pieces they offer. They work with the best models, do amazing fashion shows each and every season and the company is one of those fashion giants who produce and sell environmentally friendly materials and organic clothes. Getting back to David Beckham, he represents monochrome, modern and minimal style, which is extremely popular in London right now. A simple white shirt or a sweater with a casual suit is always a good choice.

Another famous fashionista in London is Harry Styles, who is a widely known and loved (and copied) style-setter. He has been a true role model for many youngsters throughout the United Kingdom since their band One Direction became popular. He usually wears loose shirts, punk style accessories, with a pair of simple or ripped skinny jeans and comfortable, but immensely elegant leather shoes. Nowadays, one of the top menswear trend is the striped, marine pullover, T-shirt and linen short. Marine, navy style will never go out of style, we can definitely state that. David and Harry have both proved us, that you can never go wrong with wearing some basics and opting for the three minimal colors: black, white and blue.

Moving forward to the shoes, leather pairs have always been a trend and a great way to look elegant and feel comfy at the same time. Of course canvas shoes will always be in vogue and are especially fashionable in the summertime. I clearly remember the last time I visited London, checkered clothes were the actual favorites of men. We all know checkered fashion originated from England, this might be one reason why it is still very popular throughout Britain. Harry Styles also wore checkered suits quite a few times during fashion and music events in London.

As fashion is also influenced and shaped by the weather in the United Kingdom, coats and jackets play an important part in composing the Brit’s streetstyle outfits. Moving on to our final element, the fashion accessory, Londoners are renowned for loving and sometimes over-using them. Many of them are fond of colorful, printed socks just to mention an example, it definitely catches the eye. Another important accessory is the watch, I am sure there is no men’s fashion influencer in London, who doesn’t wear one. According to streetstyle magazines, Armani watches have been the most popular among men in London for a couple of years now.